CryptD = 0.0083 BUSD
Soft Cap 45,999.70 BUSD
Allocation: 500 BUSD Max
Sale End In
Targeted Raise 100,000 BUSD

CryptoDesk project

  • Token Distribution DxSale Presale
  • Min. Allocation 200.00 BUSD
  • Max. Allocation 500.00 BUSD
  • Token Price 1 BUSD = 120.48 CryptD
  • Access type Private + Public

Token Info project

  • Token Name CryptoDesk
  • Token Symbol CryptD
  • Decimals 9
  • Add project0xbA0BCa16c7Ce6e1fCb0D5d2E72586Ee52601554e
  • Total Supply 95,814,995.00 CryptD

Project Summary

CryptoDesk develop partnerships with leading companies and organizations from around the globe to complement our expertise and deliver breakthrough results. We have long-lasting partnerships and affiliations with like-minded organizations and leaders share our commitment to deliver lasting results.

A DAO which facilitates to generate income streams along with community interaction and games where 50% profit gets distributed to stakers and HODLers CryptoDesk is DAO ecosystem made up of 5 different platforms AEx, DEx, Launchpad, Ecommerce, NFT ecosystem, GameFi, DeFi ecosystem for it's members to claim rewards from different platorm to diversify investment.



Round Opens Closes
Private 22.04.2022 05:00:00 UTC 29.02.2022 23:54:00 UTC
NFT Airdrop 23.04.2022 05:00:00 UTC 29.02.2022 19:40:00 UTC
Presale 01.05.2022 00:00:41 UTC 03.05.2022 23:54:00 UTC
PancakeSwap 04.05.2022 23:54:01 UTC 00.00.0000 00:00:00 UTC


CaryptoDesk literally has everything what a human being require game, exchnage, friendly community, chat romms, weekyl contests for healthy competitions even a Ecommerce where user can buy and & sell crypto for physical goods including jwellery clothes grocories along with platform to purchase crypto without KYC for Investment to earn profit in bearish and bullish both the markets.




Q4 2021

  • iconTesting AEx & DEx
  • iconProving Concepts to Investors
  • iconAuction system integration
  • iconMobile app for iOS and Android Development

Q1 2022

  • Promoters Negotiations
  • CEx Listing Criteria Checked
  • Staking Tiers Developed
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Multisign Wallet for Launchpad

Q2 2022

  • Smart Contract Audit
  • KYC with IDOPreSales.com
  • Launched MultiChain Launchpad with MultiSign Wallet
  • NFT AEx & DEx Announcement
  • Seed Round @ IDOPreSales.com
  • P2E Game and Crypto ecommerce Marketplace launch for cross platform
  • Presale @ DxSale

Q3 2022

  • Company registration C Corp @ Dellas,US
  • AEx project Launch @ DEXTER
  • Distribute physical card for Access 24*7 platform
  • Fundraise through VCs & Angel Investors

Team Members

Sanjay Patil
Dev & Analyst
KYC Partner